The Rocks Cry Out

I have always been drawn to rocks. So it’s natural that when as a kid I first heard on a Palm Sunday that if the people don’t shout in praise then the rocks will cry out. Of course that grabbed my 10 year old imagination. I still wonder what that would be like. So I listen and hear.

It is not that I hear an audible cry from the rock, but rather that I am drawn to the rock I am standing on and to the rock walls that are before me. Almost as if something magnetic has made me look. I can be out on a hike, or driving down the road and may well have some of the most spectacular scenery across the horizon in front of me, but I will take photographs of the rock my feet are standing on. Go figure. I have traveled to many places and come back more excited about my images of things that were  within arms reach, than the mountains and roaring waterfalls that were in front of me. Sometimes to a fault; I have been known to miss the grand for the mundane.  My other portfolios are proof I don’t miss all the grandeur creation has to offer. But for now here are some of the rocks I have listened to.