Artist’s Statement

For the years between 1995 and 2000 C R Cain, “Chip” to those who know him, was editor and publisher of the poetry magazine, Beauty for Ashes Poetry Review. That experience helped to hone his ability to see his own photographic work with a critical eye.

Aspens - Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographers Selection

Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographers Selection 2011

He has worked to improve his photographic skills, always with an eye toward the creative rather than the technical. In 2011 and again in 2013 his work has been accepted into the  Art of The State exhibition at the Pennsylvania State Museum. In 2012 his photo of the White House in Canyon de Chelley won a bronze award in Epson’s International Photographic Pano Awards and his photograph of Aspens in Glacier National Park, Montana was selected as one of 32 photographs representing the best of Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographers and displayed at the Crayola Gallery in Bethlehem PA. In 2015 he was again selected as a Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographer.
In 2016 his work Sunset Winds#1 was selected for the Considering Creation exhibition at the White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia.

In 2011 Chip completed a six-week trip traveling across the USA visiting many of the National Parks in the west. His travels took him away from his Eastern Pennsylvania home in Mechanicsburg to the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert; the first and most Southern national park on his itinerary and northward to the Canadian Border in Glacier National Park, Montana. He camped 196 feet below sea level in Death Valley, crossed over the Continental Divide four times, hiked to eight thousand feet in Glacier National Park after backpacking in with camping gear and an additional 25 pounds of photographic gear, and camped on top of five feet of snow in grizzly bear territory,. He is passionate about the photographs taken during this trip.

Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographers Selection 2015

Olympus InVision Pennsylvania Photographers Selection 2015

When not gallivanting across the country he is walking the streets, hills and waterways of Central Pennsylvania. You may also find him encouraging other photographers while speaking to local camera clubs.