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NYC Winters Have Great Light

I did some gallery hopping in NYC recently and it was cold. At 11:30 am it had only climbed to 17 degrees, but the same reason it was cold was the same reason the light […]

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The Rocks Cry Out

It is not that I hear an audible cry from the rock, but rather that I am drawn to rock I am standing on and rock walls almost as if something magnetic has made me […]

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The color of B & W

I have been reviewing photographs from my road trip in 2011 that I had purposefully processed for their colors. They were ones I felt worked best in color and that presented and printed in all […]

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Till We Have Faces

A phrase came to mind this thanksgiving while my grandchildren were wearing Groucho Marks style nose & glasses given to them by “Babaweir”: my mom, their great grandmother. The phrase is the title to a […]

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Before The Storm

Central PA is about to get it’s first big winter snow of the season and am hopeful for some photographic opportunities. Last week we got a dusting in my area that was gone before the […]

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One Question/Fifty People

I continue to be fascinated with these short 1 question 50 people videos: this one is no exception. Here is another one for your enjoyment and please leave your answer to the question by posting […]

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The Portraits: Wild Africa

Recently I found a photographer who’s photos of African animasl are more like portraits than the usual pictures you see. The photographer is Nick Brandt and he says of his “. . . images are […]

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Fifty People, One Question

It’s a simple question in London… httpv:// It’s a simple question in Brooklyn… httpv:// It’s a simple, but different question in New York… httpv:// Now go ahead and ask your self these same questions: they’re […]

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The Nature of Praries and Other Things

“Terry Evans is a photographer whose work has been primarily an inquiry into the nature of prairie from its native state to its use, abandonment, and care.” This statement comes from her own website and […]

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Baubles & Boat

Last Fall my wife and I went with good friends to see an exhibition of glass art at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The artist, Dale Chihuly, is internationally known for his very organic […]

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A Beginning . . .

Last night I was visiting a friend and he asked “do I have a blog?” my answer was , “no” but in fact I have had this blog set up for several months. However set-up […]

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